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Make, do (2020)

silk and velvet fabric, dried beans, EMT conduit, printing ink, zip ties, leather work gloves,

grommets, O-rings, house paint, mirror, pine, postcards

As part of Gut Feeling @ Dalhousie Art Gallery in Halifax NS (17 January to 15 March, 2020)

Garfield1 copy.jpg
PostcardSIDE2 copy 2.jpg
PostcardSIDE1 copy.jpg

Elise:      Well, what were you painting?

Russell:  What was I painting?  A lot of marine scenes, uh [sniffs], yeah I liked marine scenes, and uh,           

               landscapes and so on, mostly. 

Elise:      Do you have any of your paintings?

Russell:  Uhhh, my sister has one hanging in her home.  I think that’s the last one that’s around.  I have a lot

               of them away, or most of them away.


Elise:      Why?


Russell:  People were asking for them [laughs]  I didn’t think I was going to sell them so I gave them away.


Elise:      Didn’t you give them away at a party?


Russell:  Yes.  Well, we had a party at our house and I think I gave more than one away that night.  It was

               one for sure to a friend of mine, she asked for one and I gave it to her.  For sure.

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